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Whether you like it or not, ongoing design and engineering development is a critical part of any business. Get it right and you will thrive. Get it wrong and you’ll fall by the wayside. Eventually. hair extensions uk

What you build can always be improved no matter how good it is. Add to this such factors as technological improvements, changing consumer and workforce expectations, regulatory changes, new markets or just constantly changing styles, and suddenly, what was good yesterday is now out date or no longer competitive.

Take for instance the simple touch screen. It was not so long ago that we considered the single touch screen as state of the art. Then in 2008 Apple released the iPhone and now all of a sudden single touch technology is history with multi-touch screens booming as the new user interface for just about everything. Market research firm iSuppli estimates revenues for the leading touch-screen technologies will nearly double in the next 3 years to $4.4 billion.

Then take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture for a moment. Yes innovation and change does cost time and money, but consider the cost if you stay with the status quo - your markets and margins will gradually be eaten away, at best, and possibly even disappear overnight. To succeed in the long term you need to aim to be the market leader, something that will only come through a focus on creating new and innovative technology, ideas and methods through exceptional design and engineering.

Good design can be many things. It might be a redesign of an existing product or a product that is completely new in a ‘blue ocean’ market. It creates products that perform better, that people need or want. It improves efficiency, speeds things up, saves time and causes people to stop and think… ‘gee that works well…and looks good. I really need one of those.

Add to this benefits such as improved productivity, reduced costs, greater margins and more marketable products, and the reasoning for exceptional design and engineering becomes imperative for the successful business.

If you are interested have a look at these couple of examples:
The Punnet Machine
The CSIRO PassBox


Here are some scenarios we run into again and again:

1) Your existing products were developed some time ago and are reaching the end of their life cycle. Other players have entered your market now and they are catching up. You really need to rejuvenate, revamp, and reinvent your product in order to win back your market.

2) Others are now producing similar products and your profit margin is decreasing. How can they do it for that price? You need to become more competitive. You need a product that’s different which you can sell for more, or you need to re-engineer and re-design your product (or manufacturing) to make it cheaper to produce.

3) Your internal engineering and design team is already under the pump and haven’t got the time or the passion to come up with the results. You are feeling the need for some real product refinement!

4) You need a product to fulfil a special purpose. Something that hasn’t been done before, has a different function, or perhaps it just needs to look different in order to separate your product from The Pack.

5) You can’t find that machine to do what you need anywhere. In a manufacturing or production environment a new machine can do what you need better, quicker and with less people.

6) You have a great idea for a new product and need someone with the skills and expertise to make it a reality.


Give us a call and let's make a time and a place for to meet, preferably over a coffee so we can get to know each other well. Taking the time to listen and discuss your ideas helps us determine how best we can help.

We will then prepare a proposal for your consideration. The proposal will outline the objectives, scope of work, deliverables, methodology and timing along with our pricing, and standard terms. All enquiries are treated confidentially, as you would expect,

You may be thinking you're not quite ready just yet, but then, what advantage are you going to gain by putting it off? Why not get the ball rolling now and take advantage of the benefits ASAP.

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